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With living costs continuing to rise, it is time to consider downsizing and free oneself from the consumer driven chaos. Tiny homes allow us to go back to the basics, with the luxury of modern 21st century conveniences. It is very simple, just downsize and rid yourself of the clutter you’ve accumulated over the years. With a tiny home or cottage, there is significant less square footage to maintain and clean as well. Our builds are actually four season ready with excellent spray foam insulation, and ultra high efficiency.

For people young and old, this could be your starter home, or final home! If you have elderly family that needs to be close to you, and not in a nursing home, we can build a specialized portable granny suite. This can be a standalone unit, or attach to your existing house via a breezeway. They can have their own dwelling and everyone maintains their privacy. This is a similar idea to the portable classrooms on many schools around the province. When living arrangements change, your investment can be removed and sold.

Why not just buy an RV? Are any vehicles and good investment? No, not really. They depreciate in value the minute you drive it off the lot. Homes of any shape or size typically keep their value or increase in value. RVs consist of lackluster building materials and cant touch the customization we can achieve with our builds. 

If you have a portable cottage or tiny home, a major advantage is, you can move it out of the flood zone. The 2018 NB flood devastated many peoples lives, homes and cottages. A lot of people have beautiful land and cannot rebuild because of the flood. Now in 2019, NB flooded again with nearly the same water levels. Back to back historic flood levels does not seem to indicate this is merely an anomaly anymore. High waters are here to stay it seems. The ability to move your cottage or tiny home out of harms way is essential now. This is the solution to that problem.

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