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Q: How do I get financing?

A: Unfortunately at this time banks will not lend money on tiny homes by their own rules put in place. You will need either a 3rd party lender, your own credit line or bankroll to fund this.


Q: How much does a tiny home cost??

A: It varies depending on the configuration whether its an off-grid (solar, wind, composting toilet), or on grid with regular power and water/sewage hookups. With the high cost of materials at the moment they start around $70,000 and go as high as $170,000 depending on what size and model you require.


Q: Do you  have any stock?

A: No we don't have any in stock, because all orders are custom start to finish to meet our clients needs. No cookie cutter homes, we work directly with the home owner to make their tiny home dream come true.


Q: Can you build a tiny home on a trailer or make it fixed in place?

A: It's entirely up to you, we can do either.


Q: Is the tiny home well insulated?

A: Yes it is, All our towable units will be spray foamed to meet or exceed codes. Spray foam also makes the structure  much stronger.


Q: How much square footage does the tiny home have?

A: Anywhere between 200- 450 square feet usually.


Q:How big can you build the tiny home?

A: They can't exceed 13.5 feet tall, 8.5 feet wide. (They can be wider and taller but will not be road legal) The length of the trailer is up to 42' long (due to our shop building bay size).


Q: How big of a truck do you need to move the tiny homes?

A: We recommend a 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck.


Q: Can I move my tiny home to a family member’s or friends property.

A: The only way you can legally live in a tiny home on somebody else’s property is through the health department under temporary or compassionate care to help a loved one live. It must be removed after that person needing care has  passed away or moved somewhere else. 

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